Sites I've Used

Travel With Care
Used this shop only once, but once was sufficient to get all my travelling gear. Some really cool stuff, had planned on buying anything, and it was delievered promptly and intact. No probs with the service, haven't needed to talk to them. Prices not bad either.
Good selection of CDs, DVDs and games at decent prices... What more can I say? Even delivery is FREE (if I remember rightly
DVD Street
Not always the cheapest on the planet, but very good service, goods were delievered promptly and intact, easy buying the stuff and have had no problems. Good selection of stuff there too, and sometimes some things you might not expect. Well worth keeping an eye on.

I've used lots of other sites, but I can't remember which at the moment. For electrical goods, try Web Electricals. I haven't bought from them myself but I know a lot of people have and been happy with the services, the goods, and the prices.

Should any others spring to mind I'll fling 'em up. It's a jungle out there, shop around... You'll be surprised at some of the ridiculous deals floating on the ether. Writing this another few spring to mind:

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