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With WordPress’ phenomenal growth, we’ve seen an explosion in the amount of WordPress-related content available on the web. There are plenty of beginner tutorials, round-up posts, and code snippets, but few good places to go for more advanced, in-depth content. With the Smashing Magazine WordPress section, we’re aiming for quality articles on intermediate-level topics, with an emphasis on developing smarter, faster sites with the world’s most popular publishing platform.

Also, we'll be covering many aspects of WordPress, at a deeper level , and geared toward a more intermediate audience. If you're new to WordPress, that's fine too – we've got a series of tutorials lined up that will get you up to speed on techniques we'll be exploring in future articles. ### Introducing Marcus Couch

Marcus Couch

Marcus Couch has been a staple in the WordPress community for over a decade. He has been using WordPress for personal and business clients, designing and developing over 400 sites through his Southern California based WordPress agency, X² Marketing.

Marcus is one of the longest running podcasters in WordPress, co-hosting the WordPress Plugins A-Z podcast and has contributed to online publications like WP Tavern, Godaddy Garage and the WordPress Weekly podcast. He is a frequent guest on nearly every other WordPress podcast and has been dubbed the "Plugin Guru" by some of the top experts in the field.

Learn more about Marcus on his personal website or follow him on Twitter .

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