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Successful Freelancing For Web Designers

ePUB, Kindle, PDF

$ 4 .90

Read up on how to pitch like a pro and handle your finances properly and get precious tips on communicating with clients and partners.

  • Published on June 2010

About The Book

If you are thinking of freelancing or are close to surrendering to your workload, then this eBook will be a treasure chest for you. Realizing that you have made the same mistakes as many before you can be a relief. Read up on how to pitch like a pro and handle your finances properly. Get precious tips on a key issue in freelancing: communication with clients and partners. Compelling marketing strategies will brighten your future, win contracts and make your business profitable.

Being a great web designer or developer is one thing – running a successful freelance business another. Whether you already have work experience in companies or you’ve just graduated from design school: Being self-employed entails a number of tasks you most likely didn’t have to deal with so far. As a freelance web designer you also have to be a project manager, office administrator, accountant, controller and IT expert. Juggling all of these, among most designers not exactly popular, tasks while conceiving creative ideas and producing splendid websites, can be very arduous.

To help you with this feat we have compiled 23 articles about successfull freelancing offering you invaluable tips and guidelines from professionals in web design. The focus lies on communicating with clients and co-workers, including marketing strategies and pitching, as this tends to be most problematic for freelance web designers.We hope this carefully edited and especially illustrated eBook will make you even more successful and helps you master “juggling” .

Table of Contents

  1. Basic Skills Of Freelance Web Designers
  2. Communication With Clients & Partners
  3. Marketing — Convincing Strategies For Freelancers
  4. Contracts & Pricing

Technical Details

  • Formats: ePUB, Kindle, PDF (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 230
  • Language: English
  • Released: June 2010
  • Publisher: Smashing Media AG
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-943075-05-2

Successful Freelancing For Web Designers

ePUB, Kindle, PDF

$ 4 .90

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