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Vitaly Friedman


Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists (Digital)


$ 30 .00

Every UI component, no matter if it’s an accordion, a hamburger navigation, a data table, or a carousel, brings along its unique challenges. Inventing a new solution to every problem takes time, and very often it’s really not necessary. We can rely on smart design patterns and ask the right questions ahead of time to avoid issues down the line.

Meet Interface Design Patterns Checklists , a deck of 166 cards with common questions to ask when tackling a common interface challenge — carousel, table, date picker, autocomplete, filtering, search, configurator, slider, timeline, map, web forms, testimonials, onboarding, pricing plan, authentication and many others. Created to help us all keep track of the things we need to consider to design better interfaces , faster. Check the preview (PDF, 825KB).

  • Published on August 2020

About The Cards

Beautifully designed by our dear illustrator Ricardo Gimenes and jam-packed with everything you need to keep in mind when designing UI components, this set of digital checklist cards is always by your side. They won’t let you down.

🎉 Team Bundle

Do you want to equip your entire team with the card deck? If you plan to purchase 5 or more decks , you’ll get a friendly 15% discount . Just get in touch with us via help@OB电竞, and we’ll make it happen.

Table of Contents

  1. Designing For Touch Checklist
  2. Accordion Checklist
  3. Navigation Checklist
  4. Hamburger Menu Checklist
  5. Filtering Checklist
  6. Sorting Checklist
  7. Search Autocomplete Checklist
  8. Carousels Checklist
  9. Tables Checklist
  10. Pricing Plans Checklist
  11. Sliders Checklist
  12. Date Pickers Checklist
  13. Configurators Checklist
  14. Feature Comparison Checklist
  15. Timelines Checklist
  16. Schedule And Calendars Checklist
  17. Maps Checklist
  18. Seating Plans Checklist
  19. Privacy Checklist
  20. Onboarding Checklist
  21. Reviews & Testimonials Checklist
  22. Web Forms Checklist
  23. Donation Form Checklist
  24. Authentication Checklist
  25. Product Page Checklist
  26. Video Player Checklist
  27. Disabled Buttons Checklist
  28. Inline Validation Checklist
  29. Back Button UX Checklist
  30. Modals Checklist
  31. Mega-Dropdowns Checklist

Technical Details

  • Formats: PDF (DRM-free)
  • Pages: 166
  • Language: English
  • Released: August 2020
  • Publisher: Smashing Media AG
  • ISBN (PDF): 978-3-945749-86-9

Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists (Digital)


$ 30 .00

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